Mobile carwash market continues to grow

Mobile carwash market continues to grow

Convenience and e-commerce are increasing in appeal in today’s world when it comes to mobile carwashes.

The world is ever evolving around us, and many are always looking for new ways to carry out day-to-day activities that fit better with their particular lifestyle to enhance their everyday. The way in which many choose to clean their cars is certainly not immune to this. Future Market Insights noted that the mobile carwash market has the potential to grow on average by 9% per year in the US to $251 billion by 2033. Similarly in the UK, the growth estimate is 8.6% per year over the same period. It’s definitely one area of the market to keep an eye on.

Mobile carwash market continues to grow

Why are mobile carwashes becoming so popular?

Convenience is king. With our lives becoming increasingly busy and our days filled with endless tasks, it’s easy to see why many are choosing to have the carwash come to them. Saving on the time it takes to travel to and wait for the carwash to be completed, the convenience of arranging a mobile carwash is starting to appeal to more and more people.

Another consideration factor is the way in which working lives have changed for so many since the years of the pandemic. While some already worked from home, working from home, or at least hybrid working, has now become the norm for even more of the population, with many businesses choosing to move to and stick with this new way of working since the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. As a result, there are now many more busy working professionals working from home than ever before. With their cars sitting on their driveways, it’s easy to see why an increasing number of them are choosing to book and bring the carwash to them while they work the day away.

Mobile carwashes can come to the customer no matter where they are, whether that’s at home, an office or another suitable location.

Mobile carwash market continues to grow

More opportunity to offer enhanced services

If a customer’s car is simply going to sit on the driveway all day, it also allows time for a more intensive valeting and car detailing session if that’s what they would prefer without the inconvenience of needing to drive it somewhere to wait for such a service to be carried out. This provides another benefit for customers, as mobile carwashing often provides the opportunity for a more individually customizable service. In turn, it provides more opportunity for car valeting and detailing specialists to offer their enhanced, yet slightly more time consuming, cleaning services in a way that’s convenient for the customer who might otherwise need to drop off and leave their car at the car valeting and detailing business’s premises.

Mobile carwash market continues to grow

Increased awareness and pride in looking after vehicles

The Future Market Insights report also noted that there is a general increasing trend of people taking more interest and pride in maintaining their vehicles, while Grand View Research also highlighted an increasing awareness of regular vehicle maintenance.

Both factors are contributing to an increase in those generally interested in and willing to invest in carwashing, valeting, maintenance and enhanced detailing services.

Target audience for mobile carwashes

Apart from individuals leading busy lives, mobile carwashes also have the opportunity to target businesses with commercial fleets. Being able to organise the washing and valeting of their fleet on-site is an incredibly convenient and swift way for businesses to get their vehicles looking their best and ready to move on to their next job, considerably reducing downtime.

E-commerce considerations

According to Statista’s Market Insights, mobile e-commerce sales now make up 60% of all e-commerce sales around the world, a number that they suggest is set to grow even further over the coming years. Ensuring your mobile carwash service can be booked easily, either via a mobile optimised website or even via a handy app should be a top consideration for a mobile carwash business.

Offering an effortless booking experience for customers helps to continue to deliver on the element of convenience, and they are more likely to return and become regular customers after enjoying a smooth booking experience.


While many still prefer and use standard carwash locations, there certainly is a growing market opportunity for mobile carwashes. An increasing number of people are prioritizing convenient services and taking more interest in car maintenance and preservation in general. With many people leading increasingly busy lives, finding convenient solutions that help tick off the to do list while freeing up time to spend on other activities is always an attractive proposition. Plus, there’s the opportunity to up sell the service, especially if cars are simply sat on driveways all day while customers work from home.

Wesley Walker is founder and owner of Clean Me, a marketplace of over 120 professional mobile car valeters and detailers. Using their revolutionary app, they bring the carwash to customers, no matter where they are. Using the app, customers can easily and conveniently organize their desired car maintenance service, from carwashes through to full car detailing and valeting. CleanMe are proud to provide a convenient and professional service for their customers in a way that best suits them and their busy lifestyles.

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